ACS, works with a mission to accomplish the maximum in the industry and to excel in whatever is undertaken;

ACS is a rapidly evolving construction company working primarily IN THE ENERGY, PETROCHEMICALS, CIVIL & INFRASTRUCTURE SECTORS to serve government, public sector and private sector clients.

Since start of its operations in the year 2006, ACS has expanded on its position in the growing end-markets it serves. Offering a wide range of services in the fields of Civil & Mechanical works, Anti-Corrosive activities, Earthwork & Infrastructure works, Epoxy Painting, Coating & Grouting services ACS has laid a strong foundation and is aiming for continued success within these growing sectors and further diversification into new areas to sustain and grow.

Driven by excellence in execution, ACS is committed to ensure continuous growth, persistent improvement, safety of society & employees, while giving back to the communities in which we live and work. We deliver any project, any time in any environment for the benefit of our clients, customers, employees and the communities we serve. Over a period of time through learning and experience ACS has developed the ability to meet expectations of the client on-time and within budget, maintaining Commitment to Quality Work and exemplary client service. As a result of results ACS has delivered it as achieved strong reputations in government and private sectors and has good repo and sufficient bonding capacity to understand and meet the requirements of the clients.

Why are we Best

  • Act with urgency: Prompt Action
  • Remain responsive to change : Adaptability
  • Have the courage to change course when needed : Diversification
  • Remain constructively discontent : Constructively Discontent
  • Work efficiently : Efficient Working

As one of the leading service provider in the field of civil construction & coating solutions we offer our customers superior quality services as per their needs and specifications. Our company excels in every area of its operation by its quality. Drawing on a solid record of experience and achievement, our team offers the following professional services:

Anti-Corrosive Treatment of Steel Structures, Piping & Equipments

Epoxy Grouting, Epoxy Coating, Epoxy Screeding, FRP lining

Wrapping & Coating of Pipes, Grit / Sand Blasting Guniting

Cement Mortar Lining, Civil Construction

Keeping in view opening up of infrastructure sector, enhance project execution capabilities to optimize costs, maintain quality standards by using state of the art equipment and modern project management techniques, leading to customer delight.